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Amy Lew


Individual, Couple & Family Therapist

Welcome! My name is Amy (she/her/hers) I am a biracial, multiethnic licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I am located in south San Diego and offer clinical services via telehealth for adolescents, individuals, couples, and families. If you are currently looking for a therapist or just starting to consider therapy as an option, I invite you to explore my website and reach out to chat about your options. You'll find general information about what therapy is, what you can expect from me as a clinician, and other helpful resources here. Thanks for stopping by, and congrats on taking this step in your healing journey.

What is Therapy?

Therapy is a collaborative, trauma-informed and culturally-affirming healing relationship meant to bring relief and lasting change to an individual, couple or family. I embrace the responsibility of offering well-researched, evidence-based practices while also incorporating and honoring my clients' cultural healing modalities, values and community.  

Therapy is a healing modality specifically designed to address one's mental health, however, there is no way to tease apart the ways in which one's mental health affects and is affected by our circumstances. Therefore, I find it necessary to be aware of and proactive in affecting change within multiple spheres of a client's world. These efforts are done in order to place my clients in the best possible position for healing/change. By utilizing intersectional and bio/psycho/social/spiritual lens to treatment, there may be times when therapy looks much more like advocacy, case management, or teaching independent living skills if that is what will best serve my client and their well-being.  

Therapy is relational by nature at micro, meso, and macro levels. When I work with any client, I am not only focused on how the treatment will impact my client but also on what kind of ripple-effect will occur within their family, community, and larger society. Since the implications of my work has the potential to affect all levels of society, I am keenly aware of larger societal dynamics constantly at play in and out of therapy - racism, misogyny, generational trauma, patriarchy, polarization and extremism in many forms. I am against all forms of discrimination and toxic interactions that strips a person of their humanity and inherent value. 


Therapy is a journey! I am excited that you have already started your journey simply by visiting my website today. If what you just read encourages you to take the next step, please reach out to schedule a commitment- free consultation call to see if we are good fits for one another. My goal for all of my clients is that by the end of our work together you know your value, are free to be your authentic self, embrace healthy and fulfilling relationships, and are ready to own your place in the world. 

What is Therapy?

Contact Me

I am not currently accepting clients at this time but am more than happy to offer referrals to other trusted providers. If you are interested in starting therapy or are a current client looking to keep in touch, don't hesitate to reach me at the contact information below. If you are in crisis and are in need of immediate assistance, please call the Access & Crisis Line for assistance: (888) 724-7240. 

For information of how your private information is used and protected, please click below to view the my Notice of Privacy Practices  

All sessions are currently being held via tele-therapy. 

Tel: (619) 512 - 2245

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