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Individual Therapy

Healing and growth can look so very different for each individual, but therapy services can meet a wide set of needs. Below I have a list of experiences that I am equipped to support you in. We will work collaboratively in determining and achieving the change you are hoping for. 

Mood Disorders (Depression, Bipolar)

Trauma or Complex Trauma

Racial Stress

Racial/Biracial/Multiracial Identity


Grief & Loss 

Young Adult Identity Development

Life Transition Support

Personal or Professional Growth


Managing Workplace Dynamics 

Parental Development 

Postpartum Support - Depression/ Anxiety

Individual Therapy

Teen and Young Adult Therapy 

Being a teenager or a young adult can be difficult, overwhelming, and confusing, but it also has the potential to be an exciting, meaningful, and powerful time in life. I consider adolescence to span from 12-17, and young adulthood from 18 through the mid 20's. Research informs us that the unique growth and developmental changes happening throughout the body and within your relationships during this time have a tremendous potential impact on your well-being for the rest of your lives. Whether you are struggling to navigate the complex social dynamics of being a teen in 2021 or a college student feeling the pressures of determining your career/relationships or a young adult working to find their place in society, I am here to help. We will work together to find purpose, potential, and wellness in your teenage or young adulthood experience. All phases of life have their hardships and their beauty, let me support you in yours. 

Adolescent Therapy

Family Therapy

As we all know and have experienced, being in a family isn't always an easy task. The constant interconnectedness of values, beliefs, behaviors, and identities all influencing one another simultaneously can be a powerful mechanism for love and safety. However, when that mechanism begins to breakdown and your family begins to sacrifice that love and safety, something needs to change. Change and healing take place much more effectively when as many family members as possible take on an active role in the therapy process. I will work with you in affirming your cultural, ethnic and spiritual beliefs while also supporting you in finding ways to maintain that love and safety even in the midst of disagreement. Family therapy is not about fitting into the mold of a perfect family, but rather is a process of creating or rediscovering the things that are precious and "perfect" within yours. 

Family Therapy

Couple Therapy

Being in a couple relationship can be one of the most rewarding, but also most difficult relationships to navigate and manage. Couples counseling can help to guide both partners on their journey whether that be preparing for marriage, relearning how to love in times of pain and discord, or rebuilding a relationship in the aftermath of loss, separation, or infidelity. The goal with all of the couples I work with will be to develop or strengthen safe, secure attachments between partners. A secure attachment allows both people to feel safe to flourish and grow within and outside the relationship. The distress within your couple relationship may seem insurmountable at times, but with support, the impossible may just become possible. I will be fully with you and your partner as we face the problems/pain together, in a safe but challenging environment. If you are looking to create or re-build a lasting bond that is strong, secure, and life-giving, I am here to help. 

Couples Therapy
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